Say Hi to our wonderful therapist Emilee

We just adore Emilee! She is a priceless part of our talented staff and we are so very grateful to have her on our team. 💛

Emilee is a 24 year old free spirit who has been a Licensed massage therapist since 2016. She loves helping people and it’s her goal to be able to provide relief and comfort to all of her clients. She is a native East Texan who loves spending time with her family and friends. God comes first in Emilee’s life. Faith is the foundation that she grows on. Emilee is also a Mito Warrior! To those who do not know what that means Emilee has a mitochondrial disease called Kearns Sayres Syndrome. It affects the body in symptoms similar to muscular dystrophy. At this time there is no cure or any form of treatment for mitochondrial diseases. Emilee doesn’t let that dampen her spirit. She uses her illness as motivation to inspire others to never give up. Follow your dreams and passion. Tell your story because you never know how much it could help someone else. Emilee is very passionate about helping people with the therapeutic effect of massage therapy. It’s very important to her that her clients have their needs met and that they look forward to see her the next time. She is eager to meet new people so come stop by and see her!