10 Reasons You Should Be Getting Your Facials at JMS!

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Facials are so much more than an hour of indulgent pampering. They have enormous benefits to the health and wellness of your skin, both in the short and long term. When you consider all of the regular visits you make (dentist, hair salon, gym), you'll realize you really should be focusing some of that time on your skin—even if it's just when seasons change and your skin is at its most vulnerable. Here are just 10 reasons why you should get facials regularly!

1)Alleviate stress

Life is busy, hectic even. Most of us don’t take nearly enough time out for ourselves, to do something that will alleviate stress and help us regain balance. Spending an hour in a peaceful, relaxing environment can help restore balance to your mind, as well as your skin.

2) Visible wrinkle reduction.

Stripping off the top layer of skin will allow more evenly textured skin to come to the surface, causing fine lines and wrinkles to seem less prominent. Treatments like our microdermabrasion or an anti-aging facial can cause collagen production to kick up which restores skin cells further defending against wrinkles.

3) Even skin tone.

If your skin has scars from surgeries, wrinkles, or sun spots, a regular regimen of facial treatments such as chemical peel designed to treat pigmentation can help even out your coloring so that such damage is not so noticeable. Plus, an evened skin tone can give you the freedom to breakup with your heavy foundation.

4) Unclogged pores.

Dirt,oil, and dead skin cells clog up your pores and cause them to be more visible to the human eye. Having regular facials with extraction or microdermabrasion can help to decongest your pores and keep them that way. Unclogging pores helps prevent acne breakouts.


We’re getting older each and every day and because we only have one face, we really need to take care of it. By getting regular facials, we promote cell turnover, boost collagen production and maintain healthy skin balance–all of which are great anti-aging remedies.

6) Massage for Lymphatic Drainage

Most facials include a certain amount of face, décolletage and scalp massage. Not only does this send us into deep relaxation but it helps to promote lymphatic drainage–in other words, it gets rid of toxins and reduces fluid retention. By flushing out these toxins we also promote circulation, which leaves skin glowing and youthful.

7) Rejuvenated appearance.

While getting rid of dead skin cells, laser treatments, chemical peels and regular facials stimulate the production of collagen, which helps reveal new skin that looks and feels smoother and newer. Your skin looks revitalized and refreshed.

8) More effective daily care.

Once you’ve had a facial treatment, you’ve removed icky bits that have been clogging your pores. This means that your regular skin products – moisturizers, creams, serums, and lotions – will be more easily absorbed, and are now more effective.

9) A fresh, healthy glow.

Regular microdermabrasions and chemical peels strip away the top layer of skin, which is full of dead skin cells, to improve its appearance. These treatments can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sun damage, and more, so that your skin becomes more luminous and healthy-looking.

10) Feeling good!

There’s nothing like the feeling that you’re healthy and putting your best face forward. Having regular facial treatments helps you radiate confidence and makes you feel fantastic.

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