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We just adore Emilee! She is a priceless part of our talented staff and we are so very grateful to have her on our team. đź’›

Emilee is a 24 year old free spirit who has been a Licensed massage therapist since 2016. She loves helping people and it’s her goal to be able to provide relief and comfort to all of her clients. She is a native East Texan who loves spending time with her family and friends. God comes first in Emilee’s life. Faith is the foundation that she grows on. Emilee is also a Mito Warrior! To those who do not know what that means Emilee has a mitochondrial disease called Kearns Sayres Syndrome. It affects the body in symptoms similar to muscular dystrophy. At this time there is no cure or any form of treatment for mitochondrial diseases. Emilee doesn’t let that dampen her spirit. She uses her illness as motivation to inspire others to never give up. Follow your dreams and passion. Tell your story because you never know how much it could help someone else. Emilee is very passionate about helping people with the therapeutic effect of massage therapy. It’s very...


Using the same delicious Asteroids recipe, Apple Pie Asteroids offer 25 mg of delicious tasting CBD. Offer your customers a delicious fall flavor while helping restore your their health. During the busy holiday season, get a little help from our friend, CBD. Eat an Apple Pie Asteroid, CBD Gummy to naturally stimulate your customers bodies to get through the lines at the mall, long holiday parties, or crowded festivals. Apple Pie Asteroids can easily be stashed in your purse, backpack or car for on-the-go access to CBD. "Locally sourced apple cider from Big B’s Orchard and Fruit Company in Hotchkiss, Colorado."

There selling like Hot Cakes (See what i did there)


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During a Complete Body Stretch session we use age-old techniques that are being discovered by many people as an effective and comfortable way to get the necessary stretching that we all need. Sometimes called yoga massage, assisted yoga and assorted other names, our JMS Complete Body Stretch uses passive-assisted stretching, where therapists assist recipients to move into their stretch. Our Complete Body Stretch encourages recipients to reach their edge of flexibility, but doesn’t exceed the recipient’s comfort level. The work is purposely slow as the therapist guides clients through the stretching movements, while being aware of their physical limits. The combination of movements, stretches and acupressure during a session provides a relaxing yet invigorating session of energy work and tissue rejuvenation.


The Complete Body Stretching movements we incorporate affect the recipient’s entire body by improving flexibility, releasing both superficial and deep muscular tension, and...

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Ever wonder why some therapists give you homecare and why some don’t?

At Jessica's Massage Spa we believe in providing our clients with the knowledge and skills to assist in their healing and help them maintain their day to day living with as little discomfort as possible.

Home care is assigned to compliment and assist a therapist’s treatment.

The majority of musculoskeletal pain conditions throughout the body are the result of muscle imbalances. These are due to poor posture or repetitive movement, such as using a keyboard and mouse all day.

In order to create pain free movement you need to create balance between muscle groups around a joint. A Licensed Massage Therapist assists the tissues to their normal resting length during a treatment. In order to keep the tissues balanced and pain free we teach clients specific, isolated stretching and strengthening exercises to do between treatments.

These exercises are important in assisting and maintaining the results of your massage treatment, reduce frequency of treatments and help you live pain...


Unlimited Sauna = Unlimited Benefits!

Now you can enjoy the Perspire Infrared Sauna and all of it’s benefits. You can turn back the clock with anti aging effects, tighten up loose skin and reduce cellulite, increase mood elevating hormones and the best of all... Burn unwanted body fat while you sit and relax!

$99 monthly


Because we CANT live our entire lives in a coverup... we now have PERSPIRE Fit Wraps!

Our Perspire FitWraps are a great addition to your weight loss regimen! They are fabulous for combating that unsightly cellulite that tends to creep up on the best of us and they are even great for shaving off that extra stubborn body fat that just doesn’t want to GO! Read more of the benefits and how they work below.

All of our wraps include a relaxing 30 minute session in our full spectrum infrared sauna as you relax in your PERSPIRE body wrap.... Our sauna produces far, near and mid infrared heat, which is light we can’t see, but can feel as heat. All warm blooded animals (and humans), generate this type of heat naturally to warm themselves, and more than half of the sun’s heat is infrared as well. Infrared heat warms us without warming the air around us and penetrates our bodies, rather than only heating the skin. Our Infrared body wraps are known to help with a wide range of therapeutic benefits. Here are a few listed below!



Massage therapy can play an important role in your wellness regimen and here at Jessica’s, we take your health seriously! Here are five amazing benefits of massage therapy that benefit your overall health and well being.

1. Reduce stress - The longterm effects of stress can take emotional and physical tolls. Massage therapy relieves stress and conditions associated with it, such as tension headaches.

2. Get better sleep - Studies show that massage can improve sleep in those with lower back pain, fibromaylgia, insomnia, pain and other health conditions.

3. Boost mental health and wellness - Studies continue to show that massage therapy can help alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression (all associated with mental health)

4. Manage pain - Pain can negatively affect a person’s quality of life and impede recovery from illness or injury. Massage can help low-back pain, headaches, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and more.

5. Increase range of motion - Elite and...


I’ve talked before about the benefits of sweating it out in our sauna but how about just sweating in general! Sweating in offers some impressive benefits. Relief from hot flashes, lowered risk of heart attack, and better recovery times are just a few of the advantages. True, some of us find sweating takes effort and is even a little unpleasant, but the health benefits of sweating are worth getting hot and sticky over!

What Is Sweat? It seems like a basic question, but sweating is more complicated than it looks. Each of us has about 4 million sweat glands that excrete a mixture of water, salt, amino acids, proteins, and other substances. The exact composition varies based on our hormone balance, physiological changes, and what bacteria and viruses are in the body.

Interestingly, sweat composition and how our glands function (or don’t) tell a lot about our health and are even used to diagnose certain conditions like cystic fibrosis.

Why Do We Sweat? There are several reasons why we perspire. The body uses sweat to regulate temperature and cool...

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Avoid mall crowds and generic big box gifts this holiday season. Jessica's Massage Spa offers the perfect, relaxing gift for everyone on your shopping list! Our gift card special - Now Through Christmas - is Buy 4 Get the 5th FREE!! Give the gift of a Cashmere Bamboo Massage this Christmas, or have them try one of our Moor Mud services - exclusive to JMS!


When most people think of a Spa, a soft relaxing massage might be the first thing that comes to mind. But what a lot of you might not know i that there are so many other services we offer with HUGE benifits!

Spa treatments and massage therapies, which are quick and relatively affordable, create both mental and physical health benefits. In fact, studies have shown that the frequency of visiting a spa directly correlates with better quality sleep, fewer sick days, reduced absenteeism from work and fewer hospitalizations.

Throughout the process of massage therapy, lymph flow stimulation enhances the immune system. Proper lymph flow, the body’s defense, draws out metabolic waste, excess water, toxins, and bacteria from the muscles. In turn, swelling and soreness decreases while ability to fight off disease increases. Massage also improves circulation and posture.

Facials and mud baths detoxify the skin from built up waste and bacteria. This is important because the skin is not only the largest organ in the body, but also the first line of defense against...


Do you dread Monday morning?

Anxiety, sadness, overwhelm, stress, tiredness or even depression?It’s so widespread, people think it’s unavoidable.Is it possible to overcome the pain, sorrow and evil – and even have a magnificent Monday?Sure, I’ll admit, this is a work in progress for me. But along the way, I’ve discovered some amazing things that help.


Write your thoughts down.Especially when you go to bed or wake up.Write down whatever is on your mind. Yes, write it. Don’t type it out.Keep a paper journal by your bed.Scientists say your mind is wired so that the act of writing makes it far easier for your brain to cross items off your Worry List.Ask yourself: What’s wrong with my work? (Or whatever else makes Mondays hard.)Even if it seems there’s nothing you can do about it…writing it down is the first step toward a solution.Write down happy things too.Try to write down at least 3 things you’re happy about or looking forward to for the week.If you can’t think of 3 things, then create some rewards you look forward...

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Do you have dry, aching, or even cracked feet? At JMS we offer our Moor Mud Foot Therapy! Relax while you soak up the nutrients of our Hungarian Moor Mud with a deeply relaxing warm masking treatment. This luxurious pedicure therapy is packed full of natural detoxifying properties to purify your body and re-balance energy while soothing tired heels and achy callused feet! An aromatherapy scrub will polish your feet and remove dead skin, followed by a nourishing foot and leg massage, leaving you in a place of JMS bliss. Call us now at 903.509.0006 to book your foot treatment!


Jessica's Massage Spa loves our clients! That's why we want to give you the best benefits and deals we can! With our memberships, not only are you saving money, but you're receiving friends and family sharing/benefits, discounts, free upgrades for every referral you get, etc... We ensure that your experience at JMS will deliver a soothing and relaxing result that will help design a way to incorporate massage into an important part of your every day life. Our Massage memberships mean convenient availability, less stress, heightened energy, clarity and overall wellness on YOUR schedule! Call us today at 903.509.0006 for more information about our memberships and how to sign up!


At Jessica's Massage Spa, we offer many packages for you! We want to make sure your spa day is full of everything you want at an affordable price. Our packages are a wonderful gift for anyone at any age, or a perfect gift for you to spoil yourself! We offer our Spoiled Package, World Can Wait Package, Head to Toe, and Tour De Jessica! Click "Spa Packages" learn more about our packages and what is included! Schedule your appointment with us at 903.509.0006 to walk in to purchase a gift card! We look forward to seeing you!

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Mothers Day is SO special. Our moms have done everything they can for us, so lets show them how much we appreciate it. With all the hard work they do day by day, we need to give them a day to themselves to relax. What a better way to do that then purchase them a Spa service. We have a few of our most popular packages listed below in the picture! If you have any questions about any of our packages please give us a call at 903.509.0006! We offer payments over the phone and in person so if you live across the country, no problem. Show your mom how much you love her!